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30 things to do before I’m 30 – an update

Last week it was my birthday so it’s time to review my 30 Things to Do Before I’m 30 list.


  1. Be a step (have deposit ready) closer to owning my own home

This one is on-going as we try to save as much as we can. We think we’re almost there and hopefully next year we should be able to start looking around for houses and mortages.

3. Go to a restaurant on my own

The only rule was that it has to be table serve. Now it’s done. I went after the gym while my partner was away at a Conference. I even kept the receipt. I didn’t feel too strange eating on my own. i tried not to look at my phone, I didn’t take a book. I just enjoyed eating on my own.

7. Travel to Cornwall/South Coast

Last July (2015) we travelled to Torquay and visited the area and neighouring Paignton. We were only there for a few days so we had to squeeze a lot of sightseeing in in just a few days. We were tired but it was worth it.

10.  Be a step closer to getting married – no pressure Andrew       Place a bet

I’ve changed this one, as it’s out of my hands. I’m hopeful it will come at some point in the future, but not necessarily before I turn 30. Ironically perhaps I changed it with ‘to place a bet’. Sure I’ve bought a lottery ticket, but I’ve never placed a bet. The plan is to place a bet at the end of this month on the Rugby World Cup Final.

14. Watch more classic movies

Again like number one this is an ongoing one. I have no specific number of classic movies that I will watch, just simply more. I’ll post a full list when I turn 30, but some from this past year include Stand by MeBreakfast at Tiffany’sRaging BullClose Encounters of the Third Kind, and Vertigo, to mention just a few.

18. Do a walking challenge      Stay in a 5* Hotel

I realised that this one is pretty superfluous as I’ve already done plenty of walking challenges, but I decided to swap it with a luxury one of staying in a 5* hotel – because I’ve never done that.

      22. Do 30 days of something

For this you may remember that my task that I set myself was to take a different photo everyday.

      23. Go camping

I went camping with my family in August to a campsite just outside Masham in North Yorkshire. I have already gone camping loads of times but that was when I was a child and when I did Duke of Edinburgh, so I have no real memories of going camping leisurely.

While I’ve done a few of my 30 things, some were completed at the end of 2014, looking at them again and re-evaluating them I realise that I’m behind on them and need to get down to business and get more done if I want to complete them!

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