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I like to plan; I’m a planner; I like to know what I’m doing when. But even my broad plans don’t always go to plan.

Looking back at a long term plan, I’m pretty sure that I’d planned – and hoped – that my current project would be ready for self-publication; or at least that I’d be at the promotion stage.

Well I’m still only at the editing stage,

Perhaps I was too optimistic in what I could accomplish by the end of the year, perhaps I didn’t factor that life does and can get in the way of my plans.

But I’d rather be optimistic than pessimistic. I may not always be able to stick to my tight deadlines that I set myself but at least it gives me the drive to do so. It gives me something to aim for, to push for. And I’ve mentioned this before in previous blogs if I didn’t plan – even just a little bit – I wouldn’t be able to focus as well. I’m that sort of person who has to know all the elements of the plan. I do wish I could be more spontaneous and not worry so much about whether or not I’ve got my ‘plan’ before sitting down to write or edit.

Now, I’ve told myself that the best thing I can do, to create a more reliable plan, is to only plan for the next three months. I’ll have more of an idea what can be accomplished in that space of time and I’ll have a better idea of what life may throw at me. I’ll still of course have one or two overarching plans that’ll last for longer than that.

I usually keep my plans to myself, but I thought if I told people, if I wrote it down here, it may help me stick to it better…maybe…


My plans:

up to Christmas: Finish the first edit of my current (non-fiction) project; re-read and write my conclusion

January to March: Finish editing (the second, third…..edit)

Long term 2016 plan: self-publish my current project; start next fiction project (this probably will be the initial research and brainstorming stage)

There. I’ve said it now. Let see if things go as planned.

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