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What I’ve Noticed About Me and My Blog

about me

I’ve noticed that I tend to keep myself in my blogs, they tend to be personal. They tend to be about me. There’s lots of ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘my’.

But I guess it’s because when it comes to writing blogs – especially writing blogs about writing – I’m not ‘experienced’ enough to dictate what aspiring writers or published writers should be doing, or giving advice about writing and publishing in general. I can only say what works for me. I keep it about me, and tell you about what’s worked for me rather than come across as preachy.

So that’s why there’s so much about me in my blogs; or at least about my blogs about writing.

— Just something that I’ve noticed as I look back through my previous blog posts.

— That it’s all about me!!!


One comment on “What I’ve Noticed About Me and My Blog

  1. Makes me think about whether I talk to much about myself in my posts.
    I can completely relate to what you say about “recommending” things to inspiring writers. Maybe this is actually what I’m doing in my posts. Sharing bits of myself in the hope that writers take something from them- not rules, but things to try.

    Interesting topic.

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