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New Year – New Changes – New Hopes

Wow so I’ve not posted since November 16th 2015!! I knew it had been a while but I hadn’t realised how long it has actually been.

With family visits, Christmas, New Year, leaving my old job and starting a new one, time for blogging hasn’t always presented itself.

New Year and New Year Resolutions:

For me I have personal new year resolutions involving gym targets (I go to the gym all year round and am not a gym new year resolutionist), and completing more targets on my 30 Things to do Before 30 List.

Writing wise: I will (self) publish my current non-fiction project and start a fiction project idea that I’ve been toying with.

Blogging wise: to blog all year round and not taper off just because life is busy or because it’s nearly Christmas for example.

The start of the New Year and with starting a new job (I’m still in my first week) I have – annoyingly perhaps – been reviewing what I’ve done in 2015. The simple answer – or the pessimistic answer is probably not as much as I would have liked. I guess most people would think in this way – and hope that the forthcoming year will bring more focus and more productivity than the previous year just gone by.

Do you have any new year resolutions? What do you think about all you’ve achieved in the last year? Any plans for 2016?

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