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Where would we be without the internet?


The other week at work the internet went down for a couple of hours! We were – almost – at a loss! Luckily we managed to find something to do – but we really felt lost without the internet.

Many of us now globally take the internet for granted. Children born today (and before that) will never know a world without it – and for many will never know a world without fast, reliable internet at home, work and at school.

Could I live without the internet? As an individual in my spare time probably yes, I could. It would take some getting used to but I think I could.

At work (my day job) apart from the internet connection we need to run our various softwares – perhaps – but not really.

As a writer – most definitely not. Not just for research purposes, but specifically writers today for networking. For getting our writing out there, our names out there and interacting with other writers and readers. The internet is most definitely a vital tool for building up a network of writing companions – and if you’re lucky – fans!

Of course, the internet poses a lot of dangers (the obvious included – there’s some nasty stuff (apparently) lurking on the dark web); it poses dangers in terms of cyber bullying; it poses a risk to families and friends no longer communicating face-to-face; children spend too much time on the web and on tablet computers; there’s child exploitation and radicalisation…the negative aspects to the internet unfortunately go on and on…

But for the average Joe (if such a person exists) the internet has made life so much easier and access to information easier too. Internet banking, networking tools, online journals and periodicals, shopping, speedy information, TV and films, jobs and recruitment, advertisements…the list for its (more positive) uses also goes on and on…

I’m therefore not afraid, but perhaps a little ashamed to admit, that I couldn’t live without the internet – for the positives of course – and for the great ease it brings to writing and networking and access to information.


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