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Term Time

I’ve previously mentioned — last month — that I have a new job. Which means another new routine for me and my writing.

I work four days a week which leaves one day a week for me to write…plus I work term time – I work in a library at a College, so when the students are off I am too! Not the best news for pay, but great news – absolutely fantastic news when it comes to my writing.

It was a pretty stilted way of writing when I only had one day a week – as I had in the past – to write.

Now this new routine will be pretty much the same for most of the year – but every half dozen weeks or so, I’m off work again and free to write!

Hopefully this will mean that my progress in my projects will be much swifter and the time that I get to network will also increase.

I’m looking forward to the time I’ll get to spend on writing fiction – after working on a non-fiction project — ready to be (self) published in the next few months — I’m looking forward to getting back to fiction again.

I loved working on the non-fiction project and I would – and probably will do it again. But as much as I loved it – I’m excited about getting creative again.

I’m currently in the early research and planning stage of my next novel and here’s hoping that the Easter/Summer breaks will be spent putting pen to paper and writing the next story.

I haven’t put in place a deadline for myself yet for this new project – but hopefully the first draft will be completed (way) before the end of the year (hopefully the end of the summer) for me to begin the editing process before the year ends.

But that seems so far off into the future that it doesn’t even appear as a hazy mist on the horizon.

I’ll just see how it goes.

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