Why I love a new project

I love the first stages of a new project. It’s equally as great to finish one but starting one fills me with anticipated excitement.

It’s like the beginning of a new relationship. In fact it’s exactly like that. It’s a new relationship with a new story and characters. And it’s in its earliest stages. I’m in the early research and brain-storming stage. I’m jotting down themes and plot line ideas and expanding them. I’m starting to form character profiles in my mind, and letting my mind wander over where the story and my characters may take me.

Like a new relationship there’s definitely butterflies; there’s excitement in research to see if I find another angle or plot line or theme; there’s excitement as I let my mind wander and excitement to see where it will take me. And there’s excitement about getting back writing again.

The end of a project is all about the editing stage. The beginning all about the research/planning stage (or at least it is for me).

Actually I see the start of a new project having two beginnings. The research/planning stage, and the beginning writing stage. I’m excited about that too. I’m excited about writing again.

I still have a delicious buzz for this thing called writing, and I love that.

I’m getting my teeth into a new project and there’s definitely butterflies and excitement as I sink my teeth further into it.


2 comments on “Why I love a new project

  1. I feel that way when I begin a new editing project. It’s the same feeling I have when I pin a pattern onto a piece of fabric and poise my scissors for the first cut: the thrill of anticipating the outcome and the anxiety of knowing you can’t turn back once you begin are in equal measures. Good luck with your new manuscript!

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