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It’s All Relative, Relatively Speaking

It was Albert Einstein who determined that time is relative.


[Well he determined something much more complex than this but I’m not a physicist, so not only do I not fully understand the concepts of his two theories, I am also in no way qualified to try to explain it here. However…]

How do you measure time? Is it day to day? Hour to hour? Or working week to the weekend, looking forward to getting that Friday feeling and dreading the Sunday evening feeling?

Is it from pay check to pay check?

From month to month?

Is it a measurement of when we get to eat again?

Or is it through life events and momentous occasions? From the seemingly never ending struggle to save money for that ever elusive deposit for a house (you can tell what stage I’m at, no?); to owning your first home; to getting married; to starting a family; to up-sizing your home; to watching the children fly the nest; to down-sizing; to retiring; to grandchildren?

It is all and every one of these things.

This all came about talking with my other half about work and retirement. The road ahead seems (thankfully, I guess) long; but the road to retirement seems even longer with governments and advisers predicting people will be easily working far into their seventies. What a depressing subject. And so with so much time left to go working (and no matter how much you may love your job it still seems a long, long time to work) it could be easy to get bogged down in the passage of time of living only week to weekend, getting through the Monday to Friday to look forward to two days and then back to it.

But I – we – must shake this negativity off. Time and therefore life cannot be lived dreading the working week – we’ll have a lot of them in our futures.

But time like most things runs according to our moods. Time flies when we’re having fun. And when we venture into the long working road ahead, we sigh.

We must find the balance of looking forwards; with time passing according to life events. And we also mustn’t look too far ahead; we must appreciate each day as it comes; learn to love every day; and learn to be spontaneous from time to time; because what would life be without any spontaneity?

But yet time flies. As each sun sets and as each new dawn breaks, time is fleeting. It runs, skips and jumps and before you know it another month is over, another year, another decade.

We all know this but we still count down the days, to the weekend, to holidays, to days out, to birthdays, to Christmas etc.

And so time is relative. Relative to our moods, our current ages, and our current stages in life events or to whether or not we like our jobs; time is indeed relative.


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