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Just. One. More. Edit.


Just one more edit. Just one more read through. I’ve said this to myself half a dozen times already concerning my current/nearly finished project. Just one more edit. And I still find myself saying it.

It’s great to want your writing to be the best it can be and free from any silly typos, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors; and it’s great to want to make sure that every chapter, every page, paragraph and sentence is the best it can be. To make sure there are no holes in the plot or when a sentence doesn’t quite make sense to correct it. But it’s one thing to want to keep reading your work through – but at some point you have to put faith in your work and in yourself that your project it finally ‘there’; right where you want it to be.

If you keep reading it through, if you can wanting to make changes if you need to, then you’ll find changes to make. Any change – and you may end up losing something of the original thought that you put down on paper all those months ago. You may lose something of your own voice. Ok this is if you keep editing and editing and editing.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t edit; that you shouldn’t cover the page with red pen with corrections, no writer should neglect the editing stage if they want it to be the best work they can make it.

But at some point you – and I’m telling myself this too – you have to – to borrow a phrase that is now associated with a much-loved Disney movie – ‘Let it Go’.

Let it go, let it breathe and let it fly.

Still I’m telling myself this, and I think “Yes, I know, I will do, but just after one more edit and then one more read through – then I’ll be ready!”



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