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Only ten more to go…


For one of my 30 things to do before I’m 30, I wanted to read the top 100 books on the BBC Big Read from 2003. And now I only have a further 10 to read.

So far I’ve enjoyed most of the books on the list, some more than others – others much less.

But even if I am enjoying the majority of them, I’m still looking forward to the day when I can cross the final one off the list.

I’ve not read them in any particular order – many I was able to cross off the list before I set myself this challenge – still plenty remained though before I started it.

There are various lists out there on ‘books to read’, so I decided that it’s high time that I tackled on and read them all. It’s been fun at times – and other times I would have put down the book if it weren’t on the list – but I powered on through these ones.

But for the majority of them – it’s clear why they made the list.

When I have come across these ‘books to read’ lists, I always like browsing through them and counting how many I’ve read – which is why I decided to finish one – perhaps only for the vain and boastful reason that I have completed one of the lists. Who knows it may inspire me to finish other lists similar to this. Amazon has one similar – so you never know it may end up featuring on a list (if I make one) of things to do before 40. Or I may just tackle another one anyway – I’ve read countless books I may not have picked up in the first place but did because they featured on these lists and I’m glad I did so.

These lists are a great way to read books you may not consider reading.

But despite all this – I’m glad to say that the end is in sight for this reading challenge – in a sort of pat myself on the back sort of way.

The only down side perhaps is the ‘obligation’ that can occasionally be felt to read books just because they’re on the list and putting books that aren’t on the list onto the back burner until I’ve finished. Not that I haven’t read books I’d wanted to in between – but now the end is in sight I’ll concentrated on the ones I have left first.

One comment on “Only ten more to go…

  1. I only took up the Big Read Challenge last year. I’m about 70 books behind you!

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