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Well, I’ve finally finished wading through Bleak House by Charles Dickens. Wow what a hefty read! It sure took a long time to get through it – even though I read as quickly as I could and picked it up as often as I could – just to get through it.

Well, now I’ve finally turned over the last page, let the last sentence wash over me and closed the book for good. So, what did I think of it? Nothing in particular. It was an ‘ok’ read, it never really gripped me and kept me wanting to read to the end. I failed to become engaged with any of the characters – and I found some scenes/outcomes fairly predictable.

Did I enjoy any of it? I did enjoy the humorous satire on the world of the courts, of the characters of lawyers/solicitors, and legal processes.

But on the whole that was about it.

Why did I bother? I’m currently reading through the top 100 books on the BBC Big Read list created in 2003. Seen as this book is on there at number 79,  I read it – as I’m determined to read them all.

In hindsight, if I wasn’t determined to read all the top 100 books on this list, I’m pretty sure I would have put it down. It wasn’t that it was badly written or anything, I just felt that the storyline ran pretty flat and while some interesting characters had been created, I didn’t feel engaged with them.

Oh well, sorry Dickens, but didn’t really ‘feel’ this one.

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