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3 days to go…


Wow, it’s only three more days until the launch of my new (and first) non-fiction book.

Excited, nervous and relief are the words that probably sum up how I am feeling right now.

In just three days I’ll be launching:

A Show Called Empire: The History of the British Empire According to the Movies

final final final front cover

This non-fiction work has been a long time in the making – after spending several years as an idea in my head it finally began to see the light of day several years ago. As part of it I’ve watched some excellent – and not so excellent – movies. All in their own way featuring the theme of the British Empire for good or for evil.

To see how ‘Hollywood’ portrayed the British Empire, the rulers and those that were ruled over look no further then this!

If a picture paints a thousand words, can you image what picture a movie can paint? Find out what individual and overall impressions of the Empire the movie-world give right here.

In one, two, three more days to go!!!


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