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Available for Download Now!!

I’m pleased to announce that my book is now available for download from Amazon. A Show Called Empire looks at the way the British Empire has been portrayed in the movie world and how audiences perceptions and movie-makers portrayals have changed and adapted over time. I hope you enjoy it!! What’s next for me? Why, my next […]

Only ten more to go…

For one of my 30 things to do before I’m 30, I wanted to read the top 100 books on the BBC Big Read from 2003. And now I only have a further 10 to read. So far I’ve enjoyed most of the books on the list, some more than others – others much less. […]

Oh me, oh my. My home town the most well-read city?

I’ve just been browsing around on the internet and I came across this. Doncaster most well-read city thanks to romantic fiction My home town in the Telegraph newspaper. Thanks to e-books like Fifty Shades of Grey my home town is classed as the most-well read city. I honestly don’t know whether to feel pride or […]

I’m happy to announce…

I’m thrilled to be able to announce that from today my debut novel is available to purchase from Amazon! http://www.amazon.co.uk http://www.amazon.com http://www.amazon.fr etc…. India. 1857. Anne Greene lives an ordered life. She is a wife and a mother. But she harbours a deep secret that would crush her family – she has a lover. Her […]

There’s this stigma….

There’s this stigma that self-published work is not very good. That it’s a cop-out. Lazy. Sure there may be some work out there that in the self-published world that isn’t the best it can be. That may be through lack of direction or editing from an outside observer, or that it simply hasn’t been formatted […]

A is for Angelica by Iain Broome

Review of A is for Angelica By Iain Broome @iainbroome http://iainbroome.com I whizzed through Iain Broome’s debut novel A is for Angelica. I found myself easily swept up with the deep, dark and moving emotions which run throughout the story. The story follows Gordon, who is forced to quit his ordered, albeit boring life, to […]

Dr Dee

  Dr John Dee was born today in 1527. Mathematician, scientist, astronomer, occultist, navigator, imperialist, consultant to Queen Elizabeth I, alchemist, Hermetic philosopher … magician…conjurer…devoted owner of a 4000-strong library within his Mortlake, London home… There are many books about this genius, devoted student of all things academic. The Arch Conjurer of England – John Dee […]