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Available for Download Now!!

I’m pleased to announce that my book is now available for download from Amazon.¬†A Show Called Empire¬†looks at the way the British Empire has been portrayed in the movie world and how audiences perceptions and movie-makers portrayals have changed and adapted over time. I hope you enjoy it!! What’s next for me? Why, my next […]

Only ten more to go…

For one of my 30 things to do before I’m 30, I wanted to read the top 100 books on the BBC Big Read from 2003. And now I only have a further 10 to read. So far I’ve enjoyed most of the books on the list, some more than others – others much less. […]

Oh me, oh my. My home town the most well-read city?

I’ve just been browsing around on the internet and I came across this. Doncaster most well-read city thanks to romantic fiction My home town in the Telegraph newspaper. Thanks to e-books like Fifty Shades of Grey my home town is classed as the most-well read city. I honestly don’t know whether to feel pride or […]