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What I’ve Noticed About Me and My Blog

I’ve noticed that I tend to keep myself in my blogs, they tend to be personal. They tend to be about me. There’s lots of ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘my’. But I guess it’s because when it comes to writing blogs – especially writing blogs about writing – I’m not ‘experienced’ enough to dictate what aspiring […]

Blogging Themes

Over the next few months I’m going to be concentrating on monthly blogging themes for a while. Hopefully this will bring a degree of fluidity to my blog posts that I’ve been searching for, and now the end of a month is (almost) here, my next post will be a themed post and I’ll start […]

How long should a blog post be?

I’ve written several posts on topics of blogging and how often you should blog, but honestly I’ve only just really considered how long a post should be. I must have always subconsciously been aware of it so my posts don’t go on and on. I am, of course, aware that this question is almost the […]