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Just. One. More. Edit.

Just one more edit. Just one more read through. I’ve said this to myself half a dozen times already concerning my current/nearly finished project. Just one more edit. And I still find myself saying it. It’s great to want your writing to be the best it can be and free from any silly typos, spelling […]


I like to plan; I’m a planner; I like to know what I’m doing when. But even my broad plans don’t always go to plan. Looking back at a long term plan, I’m pretty sure that I’d planned – and hoped – that my current project would be ready for self-publication; or at least that […]

I’m nearly there

I’ve so very nearly finished the final first draft of my current non-fiction project, just a couple of sections left to finished but I hoping they will be all complete by the end of next week – so I can start the task of editing. Normally I’m not exactly thrilled with the prospect of editing, […]