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It’s so strange

It’s really quite a strange feeling when something you’ve been working on for sooo long is finally published. It’s all done and dusted with. It feels strange not to be tinkering with it further. Doing further research, reading it through again and again, re-writing, editing, or even just sitting back and thinking about it. My […]


I like to plan; I’m a planner; I like to know what I’m doing when. But even my broad plans don’t always go to plan. Looking back at a long term plan, I’m pretty sure that I’d planned – and hoped – that my current project would be ready for self-publication; or at least that […]

Welcoming me back….

…..with open arms (hopefully). I’ve been away for a long while, well not actually away away but just away from the blogging world. I decided to take a break to concentrate on writing, but more to the point I felt that I was just blogging for blogging sake. And while the writer’s tips tell you […]

Should I have read…?

As an avid reader and a writer there are some books I feel that I ‘should have’ read. The times when someone asks ‘have you read anything by ‘so-and-so” and I have to cringe-worthily say ‘no’. So to avoid future embarrassment on my part, I’ve had a good think about authors – not necessarily books […]

Write what you know. The worst advice ever?

  Any budding writer who reads books and website articles about how to write will probably at some stage come across the advice: ‘write what you know’.  But this is one piece of advice that I’ve never fully agreed with and I don’t really accept it. Sure it’s generally fine if you write ‘general’ or ‘literary’ fiction, […]

Writers reading different genres…!

As writers we are told to read, read, read. Most, if not all of us, do this very naturally and devour, gobble-up, demolish or consume books all the time. Most of us invariably have a book on the go. And as writers of genre fiction we are advised (although again we do so naturally) to […]

How to…research?

  Conducting research is a personal thing. One way may work for some but not for others. The thing is to remember there is no right or wrong way of researching your topic. The only trick is – and it is a very important one (no matter what topic you may be writing for, whether […]