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Gandhi (1982)

Director: Richard Attenborough Writer: John Briley Starring: Ben Kingsley (Gandhi), Roshan Seth (Nehru), Edward Fox (General Dyer), Alyque Padamsee (Mohammad Ali Jinnah), Candice Bergen (Margaret Bourke-White), Martin Sheen (Walker) In the autumn of 1963, Richard Attenborough approached Indian’s then Prime Minister Pandit Nehru about making a film. This film was to be decades in the […]

Hollywood History

For many people watching historical films is the only access to history that they have. But watching this ‘Hollywood History’ isn’t as bad as you’d imagine. True there’s some really historically inaccurate films out there, but most directors would feel committed to the history behind the story. One glaring error in Hollywood is the perception […]

Review – 21 Speeches That Shaped Our World by Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott – 21 Speeches that Shaped Our World Review Stirring, moving and illuminating. The collection of speeches are far-reaching and cover most aspects that you can think of that have affected us, and are still affecting us in the 21st century, and some, like Margaret Beckett’s The Case of Climate Security that will be still […]