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It’s so strange

It’s really quite a strange feeling when something you’ve been working on for sooo long is finally published. It’s all done and dusted with. It feels strange not to be tinkering with it further. Doing further research, reading it through again and again, re-writing, editing, or even just sitting back and thinking about it. My […]

A Month Of: Brief Histories of British Empire Territories – Malta

Malta Above: Flag of Malta from 1943-1964 Malta is a southern European country in the centre of the Mediterranean, it is one of the world’s smallest states but also one of the most densely populated. Malta has long been an island of strategic importance not just for the British but for the Phoenicians, the Greeks, […]

Hand of Fire – Judith Starkston – Review

I’m participating in the Fireship Press virtual tour of Judith Starkston’s fantastic novel Hand of Fire. The 9th Oct is here and my review is out! My Review of: Hand of Fire By Judith Starkston A beautiful mix of history and mythology, Hand of Fire is a masterful reworking of Homer’s Iliad with the centre […]