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Available for Download Now!!

I’m pleased to announce that my book is now available for download from Amazon. A Show Called Empire looks at the way the British Empire has been portrayed in the movie world and how audiences perceptions and movie-makers portrayals have changed and adapted over time. I hope you enjoy it!! What’s next for me? Why, my next […]

3 days to go…

Wow, it’s only three more days until the launch of my new (and first) non-fiction book. Excited, nervous and relief are the words that probably sum up how I am feeling right now. In just three days I’ll be launching: A Show Called Empire: The History of the British Empire According to the Movies This […]

My New Project

Well, it’s not really new (for me) but I guess it will be for you. I have mostly finished writing the first draft of my new project – there’s just a couple of things that need ironing out – and I’ve almost finished the very first and very general edit of it too. After writing […]

A Month of: Brief Histories of British Empire Territories – Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea is not only one of the world’s least explored countries it is also one of the most culturally diverse, with for example c. 841 different recorded languages. The Colony of Queensland, in 1883, desired to annex the southern half of eastern New Guinea. In turn the southern coast and […]

A Month Of: History Blogs – British Empire Territories – Hong Kong

Hong Kong Hong Kong was ceded to the British Empire after the First Opium War (1839-1842) and the Union Jack was raised on 26th January 1842 formally at Possession Point. Hong Kong had become a Crown Colony. Not satisfied with merely controlling the island and its harbours, the British extended their area of control to […]

A Month Of: History Blogs – Countries of the British Empire – Ceylon

Ceylon A Brief History of Ceylon During the British Empire Better known now as Sri Lanka, which lies on the southern tip of India and remains a strategic naval link for the area. Back in the beginnings of the British Empire it was an important spot for the silk road trade, now however, the country […]

Learning in Libraries

So back on Monday 9th March it was Commonwealth Day. As part of the commemoration for it I put up the following display of flags for children (and adults) to match with the correct country. It was great to see all the people excited about trying to guess which country matched with which flag, and […]