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Let It Go

For a while now I’ve been gearing up to (self) publish my next novel, but as time has worn on I’ve not got any closer. It’s been so close to have been finished for a long time now, the book cover has been created, a blurb written….but it still is just sitting on my computer. […]

A crucial element of a book – the cover

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m in the midst of editing my second novel, so naturally soon I’ll be looking at designing my own front cover. So I’ve been looking at book covers I like to get ideas about what I should do and what works, and naturally looking at book covers that really […]

A Straight Path – Preview of Prologue & Chapter One

Prologue   As the sun began to set on Sunday 10th May 1857, a group of civilians and sepoy soldiers of the East India Company (EIC) revolted. Soon after 5pm, while the European officers and their families were at church, the rebels burst through the cantonment setting fire to buildings, looting weapons and slaughtering the […]