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I’m Back…hopefully for good (or at least a very long time)

Right where do I begin? I’ve started this several times now and haven’t got to the end. I’ve said to myself that I want to get back to blogging, but that’s writing and honestly my head and my heart haven’t really been wanting to. It’s been over a year since I last posted. And as […]

Getting Rid of Twitter

Stephen Fry has just announced that he’s quitting twitter after a Bafta jibe. Now nothing so dramatic has happened to me to make me contemplate getting rid of my twitter account. It’s just simply that I don’t use it anymore. I’ve never used it personally, only ‘professionally’ as a writer, and several reasons present themselves to […]

Where would we be without the internet?

The other week at work the internet went down for a couple of hours! We were – almost – at a loss! Luckily we managed to find something to do – but we really felt lost without the internet. Many of us now globally take the internet for granted. Children born today (and before that) […]