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R.I.P. School Libraries?

It seems again that school libraries are facing the risk of closure. With one head teacher deciding that ‘all reading can be done on iPads’, it seems that school libraries, like public ones, will face an uphill battle to stay open. All evidence suggests that libraries are a must for a community and international research […]

“You look like a Librarian!!!!”

The other day I posted a blog on ‘What I do as a Librarian’ and on a separate, related note, I want to add a short after comment. I went to my friend’s wedding the other month and with normal ‘wedding conversations’ what I do for a living came up; “Oh I’m a librarian.” One […]

What I do as a Librarian

For reasons unknown many people think that all there is to a librarian is to stamp books when loaned out. I’ve had a few comments over the years similar to this point and I always try to stress that there is much more to being a librarian than people think. One recent such comment was […]