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New Year – New Changes – New Hopes

Wow so I’ve not posted since November 16th 2015!! I knew it had been a while but I hadn’t realised how long it has actually been. With family visits, Christmas, New Year, leaving my old job and starting a new one, time for blogging hasn’t always presented itself. New Year and New Year Resolutions: For […]

Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions.

It’s Resolution time. Lose weight, eat more healthily, exercise more and…..drink less, are probably on everyone’s list somewhere. Quitting smoking, finding a new job, find ‘the One’…again probably on a lot of people’s. But in January 2013 I decided to ignore my usual resolution to lose a bit of weight &c which usually fails after […]

Evaluation time approaches!

It’s almost time for evaluation. And with Christmas approaching and New Year following hot on its heels it’s generally almost the time of year to evaluate the year gone by. So what has 2013 brought for me? A new job. A new house. My first novel was published and a second one written – waiting […]