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Writers reading different genres…!

As writers we are told to read, read, read. Most, if not all of us, do this very naturally and devour, gobble-up, demolish or consume books all the time. Most of us invariably have a book on the go. And as writers of genre fiction we are advised (although again we do so naturally) to […]

newbooks magazine review

Check out my review of 21 Speeches That Changed Our World by Chris Abbott at http://www.newbooksmag.com/reviews/11024-9379/review.php

Circulation: William Harvey’s Revolutionary Idea – Review

A captivating look at the famed anatomist who revolutionised the ‘scientific method’ in his observations of the heart and the circulation of the blood, which dangerously contradicted the work and theories, taught and believed by generations of philosophers, of Galen. Wright starts at the beginning in his chronological overview of William Harvey, from his fortunate yet […]