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Keeping It Simple

When you’re planning your novel you can let the planning run away with you. You can have your main plot, but then you build. With sub-plots and character profiles, scene descriptions, timelines – it can be a complex business and the planning can go on and on, running further and further away from your main […]

New Year – New Changes – New Hopes

Wow so I’ve not posted since November 16th 2015!! I knew it had been a while but I hadn’t realised how long it has actually been. With family visits, Christmas, New Year, leaving my old job and starting a new one, time for blogging hasn’t always presented itself. New Year and New Year Resolutions: For […]


I like to plan; I’m a planner; I like to know what I’m doing when. But even my broad plans don’t always go to plan. Looking back at a long term plan, I’m pretty sure that I’d planned – and hoped – that my current project would be ready for self-publication; or at least that […]