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Summer’s Almost Over

Well, here in Britain summer never really began. Sure we’ve had some lovely weather days, blue skies, warm weather, but they have been few and far between. Not to say that we’ve had a bad summer vis-a-vis weather. On the whole it’s been pretty dry, fairly warm, but mostly a bit murky and miserable at […]

Wow, Where Does All The Time Go?

No seriously, where does all the time go? Days seems to be running away faster and faster. The month of June is passing us by and before we all know it 2016 will have been and gone. And I’ve not done half the things I’ve wanted too – already. It’s putting my head down time. […]

Productivity Skills

At this time of year with people making resolutions, most writers will probably make a pact with themselves to be more productive with their writing. And I’m certainly one of them too. It’s fairly natural with the New Year to re-think and re-evaluate, and to look to what the future – especially what the immediate […]