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Noughts and Crosses

Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses is a surprisingly thought-provoking read. For a novel aimed at teenagers/young adults it is exceptionally dark and at times deeply disturbing given its undertones of historical, political and social relevance. It is much than a take on Romeo and Juliet, it is much more than a forbidden love story. It […]

My Top Reads from 2015

Every year I record what I’ve read throughout the year to look back on it when the year ends as an interesting reminder. (And useful when I forget if I’ve read it already!) And again every year (it’s becoming a sort of tradition) I document my five top reads from the previous year – 2015: […]

No TV!

We’re all generally watching more TV than we ever had before. And who can blame us – there’s some amazingly addictive TV shows out there. And anyone who can testify that they’ve been so hooked by a TV show will agree with me that a weekend can easily be taken up by that one TV […]