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What to read………next?

    I’m rarely stumped about what to read. The question that really drives me and sticks in my mind is always, what to read next? As my proverbial ‘to read’ list gets longer and longer, as I’m discovering new books and new authors out there that I haven’t read yet, mingled in with books […]

Should I have read…?

As an avid reader and a writer there are some books I feel that I ‘should have’ read. The times when someone asks ‘have you read anything by ‘so-and-so” and I have to cringe-worthily say ‘no’. So to avoid future embarrassment on my part, I’ve had a good think about authors – not necessarily books […]

What about Henry VII?

What about Henry VII? After reading an interesting review article in the London Review of Books, vol. 34, no. 8; ‘One Cygnet Too Many’ by John Watts on Thomas Penn’s ‘Winter King: The Dawn of Tudor England’, it got me thinking about how much we/I know about Henry Tudor. Most people (in the UK) know […]