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Ship Design: A History Bit

Developments in ship design Different regions of Europe affected the type of ship. For example, along the Mediterranean there was a greater need for mobility than say the speed needed for Atlantic crossings. Geographically, there was a definite north-south divide. Things that helped ship development Trade – carrying capacity, speed, different commodities all had to […]

The Crest

Watch out for the forthcoming release of my novel… The Crest. It’s a purely fictional historical fiction set against the time of early Elizabethan exploration, with a few background real historical events, like the Armada. The Crest – the blurb… From the depths of unrecorded science, from the early times of philosophy emerges one whose […]

Historical research; The Crest: Life at Sea

As promised…. …..historical research behind The Crest [coming soon]…. …..I’ve kept it brief (and not always in complete sentences) just to give you a sense of what it was like as a sailor in the 16th century…… Life aboard a vessel In good weather and constant wind shipping required few or very little sail changes, therefore running […]