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No TV!

We’re all generally watching more TV than we ever had before. And who can blame us – there’s some amazingly addictive TV shows out there. And anyone who can testify that they’ve been so hooked by a TV show will agree with me that a weekend can easily be taken up by that one TV […]

Writers Using Smartphones

So we all know that being a writing is more than just putting words onto a page. Its also about networking, planning, researching, brain-storming, editing etc and so forth… Technology today is all around us. Even in our hands (or pocket or bottom of handbag). The age of the smart phone has well and truly […]

A new app that lets you read faster! What ever next?

Check this out: a new app has been created that will enable you to read novels faster. Now I’m really not sure about this myself, check out the link which includes some images (like below) that let you try this for yourself. http://elitedaily.com/news/technology/this-insane-new-app-will-allow-you-to-read-novels-in-under-90-minutes/ I tried it and while you do end up reading each word […]