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I’m off now from work for the summer. I work term time in a college library and so have the summer months off from work – roughly 6 weeks in total. Sounds idyllic doesn’t it? It’s also my first year with the summer off. I started my new job at the college in January and […]

Wow, Where Does All The Time Go?

No seriously, where does all the time go? Days seems to be running away faster and faster. The month of June is passing us by and before we all know it 2016 will have been and gone. And I’ve not done half the things I’ve wanted too – already. It’s putting my head down time. […]

It’s All Relative, Relatively Speaking

It was Albert Einstein who determined that time is relative. [Well he determined something much more complex than this but I’m not a physicist, so not only do I not fully understand the concepts of his two theories, I am also in no way qualified to try to explain it here. However…] How do you […]