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Summer’s Almost Over

Well, here in Britain summer never really began. Sure we’ve had some lovely weather days, blue skies, warm weather, but they have been few and far between. Not to say that we’ve had a bad summer vis-a-vis weather. On the whole it’s been pretty dry, fairly warm, but mostly a bit murky and miserable at […]

Where would we be without the internet?

The other week at work the internet went down for a couple of hours! We were – almost – at a loss! Luckily we managed to find something to do – but we really felt lost without the internet. Many of us now globally take the internet for granted. Children born today (and before that) […]

So many ideas….

Everyone has a book in them….apparently. But is that just one book in everyone? Quite often with writers, after putting their heart and soul into their first novel, they struggle to find that next idea. But what happens when you’re so inundated with ideas – not all of them great or even workable – what […]

Are writers really like that?

I’ve recently begun watching the hit US comedy-drama Californication featuring David Duchovny as troubled writer Hank Moody, who moves to California, suffers from writer’s block, drinks and womanizes. His life is filled to the brim with sex, drugs and rock and roll. Moving on… to Castle. Again this features a novelist, this time played by […]

Roald Dahl at 96; J B Priestley at 118

A little wisdom and silliness from these two amazing writers, who have the same birthday. A little bit from Roald Dahl…… – A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.   – A writer of fiction ┬álives in fear. Each new day demands new ideas and he can never be sure […]