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Let It Go

For a while now I’ve been gearing up to (self) publish my next novel, but as time has worn on I’ve not got any closer. It’s been so close to have been finished for a long time now, the book cover has been created, a blurb written….but it still is just sitting on my computer. […]

Productivity Skills

At this time of year with people making resolutions, most writers will probably make a pact with themselves to be more productive with their writing. And I’m certainly one of them too. It’s fairly natural with the New Year to re-think and re-evaluate, and to look to what the future – especially what the immediate […]

Hindsight is not such a wonderful thing

The back story… Last week, on Friday, I had a nightmare time getting to work. Due to massive problems on the trains much of my journey was replaced by coach travel basically doubling my journey time. So two trains, a coach and a three mile walk later I finally arrived at work. The problems continued […]