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Summer’s Almost Over

Well, here in Britain summer never really began. Sure we’ve had some lovely weather days, blue skies, warm weather, but they have been few and far between. Not to say that we’ve had a bad summer vis-a-vis weather. On the whole it’s been pretty dry, fairly warm, but mostly a bit murky and miserable at […]

Term Time

I’ve previously mentioned — last month — that I have a new job. Which means another new routine for me and my writing. I work four days a week which leaves one day a week for me to write…plus I work term time – I work in a library at a College, so when the […]

So many ideas….

Everyone has a book in them….apparently. But is that just one book in everyone? Quite often with writers, after putting their heart and soul into their first novel, they struggle to find that next idea. But what happens when you’re so inundated with ideas – not all of them great or even workable – what […]

Welcoming me back….

…..with open arms (hopefully). I’ve been away for a long while, well not actually away away but just away from the blogging world. I decided to take a break to concentrate on writing, but more to the point I felt that I was just blogging for blogging sake. And while the writer’s tips tell you […]

Establishing a writing routine….

Back in October 2012 I wrote a post on the importance of developing a writing routine, in which I stated that, with work and travelling to and from work, I had little balance of time to do what writing I wanted. By balance, I mean having the same set number of days or hours in […]

A writing routine…?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about having a writing routine. From scheduling a certain point in the day to write, to writing for at least 20 minutes everyday, to those rituals some writer’s have whether writing in a pair of killer heels or slippers, in the kitchen or in bed, or next to a pot […]