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So many ideas….

Everyone has a book in them….apparently. But is that just one book in everyone? Quite often with writers, after putting their heart and soul into their first novel, they struggle to find that next idea. But what happens when you’re so inundated with ideas – not all of them great or even workable – what […]

How to Keep Motivated While Editing?

I’m almost at the end at another edit through my second novel – hopefully at the end of today I’ll be tweeting a massive hurray! It’s not that I don’t like what I’ve written or that I’ve now read it through for seemingly the umpteenth time (I’m actually getting to really know the ins and […]

A new change in my life…. (Update)

I’ve not put up a new post onto my blog lately. I’ve recently started a new job as Library Manager up a newly re-opened ┬ácommunity-run library and I’ve had my hands – and my mind full – with getting everything up and running. And now all that’s left is to develop a new routine for […]