New Year Resolutions – yes already….

Well I’m obviously making New Year resolutions already. Obviously…. Not becauseĀ I want to though. But because other life stuff gets in the way from starting them now. My favourite (or most commonly used) expression at the moment is ‘When we move….’. All sorts of phrases finish that sentence opener at the moment. We’re hoping to […]

Adult versus ‘adulting’

When did you feel like an adult…? I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while and so we were catching up. She’s just moved in to a new house that her and her husband have recently bought. And me and my partner (not husband) are in the process of buying our […]

A body of one’s ‘peers’

A what’s going on in my life blog. In July I got my letter informing me that I’d been called up for Jury Service, and so this coming Tuesday it’ll be my first day as a Juror! I’m actually looking forward to it. Well I am now anyway when I first got the letter through […]