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A body of one’s ‘peers’

A what’s going on in my life blog.

In July I got my letter informing me that I’d been called up for Jury Service, and so this coming Tuesday it’ll be my first day as a Juror! I’m actually looking forward to it. Well I am now anyway when I first got the letter through I really could have done without it, and was not happy about it at all.

But I thought I’d embrace it as an interesting life experience – and as an interesting fact about me and a story to tell at parties!


Everyone I’ve told have been pretty jealous and are interested to know more and be a juror themselves. I don’t know anyone who has done it before so it’s going to be even more interesting. I’ve been reading and researching a lot recently about what to except – initially a lot of waiting around apparently; waiting to be assigned to a particular case, so I’ll be looking through my book collection to decide what to read. There may well be a long time to wait so I may as well read the time away. I do have a book to finish but that may not take that long, and so it’s decision time. I’ll be wanting something interesting and engaging, a world I can escape into, but nothing too difficult to read as it may be quite distracting sat waiting with lots of other people in a waiting room. Decisions, decisions.

I’m also back at work after a – not long enough – summer break. It’s nice to get back to work for the people and the routine….Yes that’s right, I’ve been back at work for a week (and one day) then I’m off again. This time doing my ‘civic duty’ as a juror!!

So it’s (hopefully) going to be an interesting experience!!




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