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Adult versus ‘adulting’

When did you feel like an adult…? I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while and so we were catching up. She’s just moved in to a new house that her and her husband have recently bought. And me and my partner (not husband) are in the process of buying our […]

A body of one’s ‘peers’

A what’s going on in my life blog. In July I got my letter informing me that I’d been called up for Jury Service, and so this coming Tuesday it’ll be my first day as a Juror! I’m actually looking forward to it. Well I am now anyway when I first got the letter through […]

Speed Reading

Just a quick thought and blog for today! There has been several articles and blogs out recently about the amount of books some people, Agatha Christie for instance, have read, <<¬†http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/blogs/reading-is-bliss/13659451/Will-you-read-more-books-in-2016 >>, and some people who read hundreds¬†of books in a year. There was a BBC magazine article about how to improve your speed reading […]