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A body of one’s ‘peers’

A what’s going on in my life blog. In July I got my letter informing me that I’d been called up for Jury Service, and so this coming Tuesday it’ll be my first day as a Juror! I’m actually looking forward to it. Well I am now anyway when I first got the letter through […]

I’m Back…hopefully for good (or at least a very long time)

Right where do I begin? I’ve started this several times now and haven’t got to the end. I’ve said to myself that I want to get back to blogging, but that’s writing and honestly my head and my heart haven’t really been wanting to. It’s been over a year since I last posted. And as […]

Viva Voce

I’m very proud to announce and boast a huge well done to my partner, Andrew, who successfully passed his PhD viva on Thursday. Pending minor corrections to his thesis (the norm), he will be awarded his PhD. A viva, or viva voce a Latin phrase literally meaning ‘with living voice’, but most often translated as […]